Monday, February 4, 2013

Sampo Nikki is online!

We're thrilled to bring you the first three volumes of our "Walking Tour" series of guidebooks on Japan.

These one-day, 100-page mini-excursion guides to Japan are a written and photographic collaboration between a western journalist and a Japanese cultural scholar. Get the "inside story" on the best-kept secrets Japan has to offer; learn its history, culture, food and even a little Japanese kanji. These fun mini-guidebooks will ensure you fully enjoy all that Japan has to offer.

Book I: Seven Gods of Fortune

Book II: NeoTokyo

Book III: The Shogun’s Temple
and the City From The Future

Color PDFs are now available online, US$4.95 each, or all three for $9.95. Kindle, Nook, other formats available upon request. Color paperback versions are available for pre-order, to be available February 15th

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Three-Volume PDF Set US$9.95

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Sampo Nikki Volume I US$4.95

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Sampo Nikki Volume II US$4.95 

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Sampo Nikki Volume III US$4.95 

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